It’s easy to create stunning gifts if you take a bit of time and think about how you would like your gift to look.  Most of us spend hours searching the internet or browsing the shops to find the perfect gift, and then spend 30 seconds wrapping it in ordinary gift wrap or using a cheap gift bag. But, why not try something different?

Even the smallest gift can be made to look superb if you use cellophane wrapping paper. Cellophane wrap comes in many designs and colours and if you layer it with tissue paper you can create a look that’s as unique as the person you bought the gift for.

Cellophane wrap is great for awkwardly shaped gifts, as it can be scrunched around the gift and then tied off with ribbon or a bow. It is very strong and won’t rip or tear like paper gift wrap. Alternatively, if you prefer a neat and tidy look, you could put the gift into a box before wrapping using traditional methods. Then add ribbon to create your own individual look.

For small gifts, cellophane gift bags are simply amazing! Firstly, wrap the gift in tissue paper, pop into the bag and then tie off with a ribbon or bow. What could be simpler? If you have bought a few items, you could package them individually in bags, and then group together in a box or hamper, before topping it off with cellophane wrap and using a pull bow to complete the look.