Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons for crafting. So whether you enjoy sewing, needlework, cardmaking or home baking, it’s a fabulous time to take advantage of the warmer days and come up with your seasonal craft ideas.

If you love to sew, why not add embellishments with our lovely ribbon. Try some double faced satin ribbon to edge a placemat or quilt. Or how about a homespun country touch with some lovely coloured gingham ribbon.

If you are looking to sell some of your hand made goods at the increasingly popular craft fairs and farmer’s markets. it’s a good idea to think about packaging your products and how you will display them. Eye catching, quality packaging can make a he difference to how well your products sell in a competitive market.

Think about displaying your products in cellophane gift bags. Use ribbon to tie off and then group items together to create a stunning display which will really make your products stand out.

We have a superb selection of cellophane bags, from luxury block bottom bags through to our standard cellophane gift bags which are exceptional quality at a great value price.

If packaging sweets and home made fudge, try our cellophane cone bags. Again, really versatile and in a range of 9 colours / designs. You can make a fun display using a mixture of colours, or use one colour to co-ordinate with your brand.

Our bags are all food safe so can be used to package unwrapped food safely.

If you have awkwardly shaped items to wrap, cellophane wrap is a great alternative to bags. You can use plain wrap and brighten it up with a pull bow or some gift ribbon. Or maybe try some of our patterned wrap – we have one of the largest selections available online so there really is something for everyone.